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Repair Problems with Java – Windows OS

Repair Problems with Java Java Runtime errors are a pretty common problem on a Windows operating system. Windows operating systems will eventually start having problems when you get bugs in java or Malware exploits like zero day get installed or maybe its just a bad install of java…who knows sometime the people comes when you try to update or uninstall or install new version. So in this video i will so you how to fix these common issues. Revouninstaller Download… Javara Download… Repair Tool… Offline Download… Everything Download Java Archive

Educational Ebooks

This is my first post on this blog. I’m going to start my blog with posting links to hundreds of free educational pdf files, which I found online.  I’ll post philological ebooks and dictionaries. e.g. I’ll try to find links to Longman Dictionaries, Oxford Dictionaries, which are available online for free. Thanks.